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Subhash Gijare

IT professional with 23 years of experience and with a MNC as Director. He is self-taught artist and practicing oil and acrylic paintings for last 9 years. Apart from paintings I do travel all around the world for IT related work. My Artwork is sold in India, US, Dubai other countries through social network, Exhibitions and other promotions. Practicing painting with Oil and Acrylic colors. Figurative, Wildlife, Landscapes and abstract paintings, I do realistic paintings and use my observations related to subject.

Inspiration: Art is my passion and following it from long time, my inspiration for art is nature, in most of my paintings you can see nature as theme. Fortunately, I have few friends who are also practicing art and I get inspired by their work.



1. Art Exhibition at Radisson Blu Portman - LONDON. Exhibition held on 28,29,30 Sep'18.

2. Art Exhinbition at Kohinoor Continental - Mumbai , Aug'18.

3. Art Exhinbition at Kohinoor Continental - Mumbai , Aug'17.

4. Exhibited 6 paintings in National Art Exhibition @Darpan Art Gallery Pune from 30Jan to 5th Feb.

5. Exhibition @Darpan Art Gallery from 14th Feb to 18th Feb.

6. Exhibition @Kohinoor Continental - Mumbai, March 19.

7. 7000+ fans on FB and received many appreciations from my art lovers.

8. Art Work was sold in Exhibition at Radisson Blu Portman - LONDON. 8. So far sold about 100 paintings in India and abroad.

9. Exhibited 6 paintings in International Art Exhibition @Kala Bhavan Thane from 19th April 2019 to 21st April 2019.

10. Participated in 32-Palette Art Exhibition - BalgandhrvaKaladalan Pune (14th July to 20th July 2019)

11. Participated in Meghdoot Exhibition of Painting at Darpan Art Gallery -Pune from 20th July 2019 to 30 July 2019.