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Rohan Vaidya

I am Rohan Sunil Vaidya, from Otur, Pune, Maharashtra. Currently based in Kothrud, Pune.

 I get inspired by many peoples in this art world by their frames, composition and colour knowledge. The inspiration made me practice a lot and always gave me a hope for execution. I was a bit sad and disappointed that I was not able to find opportunity to do paintings in that way or may be was not able to execute the same which was in my mind. When I use to practice a lot from past eight years I knew that I had that capability to make paintings same as my inspiration. The intention was not to copy but to make more productive, innovative and creative as every second of my life. I am getting inspired by them and trying my best to excel as I could and will continue working hard.

Every paintings which ever I made have deepest aesthetics there are so many message to society through every paintings.