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Dr. Ashwini Patil

Myself Dr. Ashwini Patil a hobby artist. By profession I am a dentist but art is something that gives me opportunity to relax, enjoy and learn at same time.

        I am a self taught artist and was doing drawing and painting since childhood. In my opinion painting gives me an opportunity to express my feelings and emotions most profoundly. It gives me freedom of expression to outpour on canvas. One of the best thing I have learned from painting is patience.

       I love to do painting in all kind of medium like acrylic, oil, watercolour, pencil colors but acrylic on canvas is something that l like the most. Though there is no theme to which I am bounded but I like to draw nature and animal painting the most.          We cannot imagine our life without colors and the essence of painting in its color schema itself. Trust me there is no better feeling than loosing yourself in the world of art only to find yourself.