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Arpit Gosai

I am a B.Tech. comp. engineering's last year student. I was not found of any kind of art from initial level. Till 12th std. I was not aware about it but then I asked out Ritesh uncle about art to spend my leisure time in vacation. From that moment my art journey had begun.Now I am here the OLDEST member of ART-360° art class in term of duration. I personally acclaiming Ritesh uncle to help me to take out my hidden talent, which I was not aware of. Then by th time Sudarshan sir came to surat. So I was learnt from him too. This is my 3rd exhibition and I am thanking both Ritesh uncle and Sudarshan sir who are my gurus, mentors, friends and also the family members, for giving me these type of opportunities. Past 4 years have changed my p.o.v. for the art completely.

SPECTRUM - An art initiative for students.