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I am Mumbai based artist. Art has been passion of mine since young age.

Being self taught artist ,artistic freedom allows me to touch my own place with artistic insight.
Out of all the seasons, I love autumn the most, because I feel that autumn is the beginning of new life and is more colorful as reflected in my works.

My work reflects my moods that emanate from the love for bold colors.

I have done shows in India and abroad.



1)  Cymroza Art Gallery  (3)

2) P.L Deshpande Art Gallery  (2)
3) Art Gate Gallery  (1)

4) DD Neroy Gallery  (1)

5) Coomarswamy Hall   (3)

6) Hotel Kohinoor continental  (1)
7) Artizen Gallery Delhi  (2)

8) AIFACS  Delhi  ( 2)

9) Lalit Kala Goa  ( 1)

10)  Camden Image Gallery London (1)

11) Gallery of Light "Ductac" (1)
12)  Dubai Art Festival (1)
13) Indian Art Festival (2)
    Also with Lexicon Art Gallery (2)

14)  Times Decor (1)
15) Hohel The Leela  Mumbai (Solo) (2)

16) Artists' Center Kala Ghoda Mumbai (Solo)

17) The Taj Mahal Palace Art Gallery, Mumbai (Solo)

18) Darpan Art Gallery, Pune (1)

19) Cosmo Art Gallery, Pune (1)