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Education: G.D.Art(government diploma in drawing and painting)- Sai chitrkala mahavidyalay,pune.

Diploma in Art Education - Sir J.J. school of Art, mumbai.


 Best landscape - state level- 2019

 Kalaratnam Gold Award -2020

 Best Artwork- Gold Award 2022

 (West Bengal live Exhibition)

I perceive interaction between mind and visuals. My works are mainly related to psychological facts and human thoughts. Human is basically one existence that contain memories and thoughts and affected by surrounding atmosphere. With the concept of work i have been use media that suits the subject matter like digital collage, drawing by pen on paper, photography, printmaking etc.




*Lokmanya Tilak Oak International exhibition-2019

*Creative drawing exchange program

   Gallery Artoz, Udaipur, India.-2020

   *International online exhibition of contemporary art in Covid pandemic 2020

   *Dispose to reuse- Eco friendly Exhibition participation for' Eco Aware Art gallery, Delhi.2021

   *Sketchbook project- creative drawing exhibition

   *Bigfoot Goa- natural world again destruction- exhibition participation.2019

   *SAS Exhibition- Hyderabad.2021

   *'A World Away -A Thought Apart' conceptual exhibition- New york, Brooklyn, Gallery petite, USA.-July 2021

   *Lokmanya Tilak Oak International exhibition-2022

   *Color carnival - group exhibition -West Bengal 2022