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Hi! I am Sukhmani kaur, a self-taught artist from India. I have done my bachelors in commerce and Masters in commerce. Currently pursuing PhD in finance from Chandigarh University and Data analytics from IIM Rohtak. I have attained knowledge of art therapy and certify to practice art therapy from “Asha-the Hope” A mental health care, counselling and a Therapy Centre. I have participated in different international and national research conferences.  Along with, i am an impassioned artist. I have started making art when i was a kid and started taking art professionally in my bachelors. I am skilled in resin art, resin geode art, resin 3d ocean/beach/island art, alcoholic ink art, abstract art, palette knife art ,acrylic fluid art ,Russian sculpture art, oils and acrylics as i enjoy experimenting with mediums of an art but my personal favourite form and specialisation is Resin geodes as it is inspired from the very nature and the mother earth. The geodes are the  natural crystals, minerals or stones made during volcanic eruptions and takes millions of years to form and derived from the mother earth.


For me art is a way of life which keep me alive. It is an intense mode of individualism which gives an infinite freedom of expression. I choose geodes and its vibrant colours as a mode to express the hidden aspects of life which I feel in a particular way and try to display in my own unique manner. A tangible depiction of feelings. Every colour has its own nature and a story to tell which makes the colours the most epic medium  of expression. I will continue to take a deep dive in this creative ocean till my last breath of my life.