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Chitralekha Das of Cuttack had her schooling and higher education

at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry.

She had been a keen student of English literature and Psychology,

but possessed a fascination for arts early in life and was privileged to come under

the tutelage of Krishnalal ji and Dhanvantari Ben , two artists of repute, residing in the Ashram.

Dabbling with colours came naturally to her and she kept experimenting on various methods of

putting them on paper and canvas. One such method was the use of her finger tips instead of a brush.

While a student her spiritual paintings got published during The Mother's centinery in 1978 under

the title "The One Whom We Adore As The Mother" Later she used to paint floral designs on

outfits and had started a self employed business in hand-painted sarees and decorative wallplates.

After her retirement of an English teacher, she keeps herself engaged in painting at her leisure.