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Hello, I am Anjali Pawar, my education is from commerce, I was interested in art from my childhood.

So I am constantly doing something like drawing, portrait rangoli in rangoli, mehndi drawing, creative.

My favorite hobbies but they say a disciple is incomplete without a master and something happened to me too.

I didn't have much knowledge of art and I was completely introduced to that art by Shri Vasudev Marathe.

I learned all the art lessons from him for almost three years. He taught me very beautifully how to handle different mediums because of my guru.

Today I can paint using every medium and I want to say one thing that my gurus have not taken any kind of charges from me for whatever art education they have given me.

My guru always had and still has only one saying that the art that I have in my hands should be created as well as many hands.

 Everyone should have such a Guru who selflessly gives his knowledge to others Be it any kind of art, it changes a person's life completely.

I am a painter. Just like we make the pictures attractive by filling different colors to the pictures, in the same way we can make our lives beautiful and attractive by adding different colors in our life through this art.

There is something art in everyone knowing that art we will live our life very beautifully.

In the end, this is all I want to say. It is impossible to be another artist like the GOD who creates different shapes that add color to this creation.