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she had spend a large part of her life in Jabalpur, the Majestic Marble rocks of Bhedaghat beckoned her, with overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the holy Narmada. The artist has used oil as the medium and experimented with texture, colour and light extensively to express the grandeur of the marble rock jotting out of the beautiful Narmada, whose bluish-greenish water matching with the colour of the sky. She investigates the dynamics of landscape and her paintings hover between representation and abstraction, exploring the interplay of light, patterns and tones.

She is very close to her roots and appreciates folk art, especially Mithila painting or better known as Madhubani painting which is one of the oldest Folk Art form in India, developed and practiced by women from Mithila region of Bihar state. She has attempted madhubani paintings in her own distinctive style which is particularly influenced by the Bharni and Katchni styles of madhubani paintings.


Group Exhibition

Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune, May2016

Drapan Art Gallery, Pune, May2016