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Archana Chougule (B.E)


I am Archana Chougule a hobby artist. Even though I am a qualified engineer art has always been my greatest interest.

I started painting in oil medium and it remains my favourite medium till date. I have also worked with acrylic colours and I enjoy that too. I also have a special interest for charcoal paintings. 

My two favourite themes are nature and portrait. The lush green trees with a small mud trail against the pure blue sky are one of my favourite sceneries to paint. Finding out the numerous colours in nature and putting them on the canvas is my favourite part of nature painting. The different qualities and the uniqueness of each human face is also a marvel to paint. 

I also keep special interest in Warli paintings a tribal art. These are extremely rudimentary paintings which use a very basic graphic shapes : a circle a triangle and a square. By using all basic shapes you can show their day to day activities, their festivals which look very beautiful.

I have exhibited my paintings at Balgandharva kaladalan.

 My efforts were acknowledged with a prize for my portrait at Canvas 2016.