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I am a Computer Science Engineer by profession and was theVice President in Accenture. After 19 years of a corporate career, I decided to pursue my passion for art and painting.What started off as a relaxing break from a hectic work schedule,soon became a great creative endeavor! And so the journey began ….

Apart from painting, I am an avid traveler and experiencing art from my various sojourns gives me great joy and insight. I love to observe the obviously beautiful and sometimes quirky scenes of the places I travel. These are my “Pinterest mood boards” for future use!


My paintings generally include landscapes and nature. I have fond memories of seeing my first
fall in Chicago. Autumn holds a special place in my heart, simply because of the variety of
vibrant hues that one sees. Isn’t it a true reflection of life where one sees and experiences so many
different shades of people? Many of my paintings have water and reflections, which again
symbolizes how we see ourselves. The maple tree is my favourite tree, which represents the
Autumn season aptly. That’s how I came to name my studio as “The Red Maple”.
During my recent visits to Turkey and Spain, I was mesmerized by mosaic art, especially
fascinated by Gaudi’s work and decided to learn it. This process involves cutting glass
pieces…..(Mosaic is a decorative art with an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone,
or other materials). It is hard work but tremendously satisfying. I hope you enjoy these mosaic
art pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!
My artwork is unique and can be personalized. I am open to customization of my work as per
your requirements. They can be used to brighten up your homes or offices and make for excellent