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Born artist, Priyal had a creative side since a very young age, but realized her true passion for art during her college years. A family trip to Kenya invoked her love for photography, after which she decided to pursue photography at a professional level. This led her to win an international photography award from the USA, PIEA in 2009.

Using her experience, working as a professional photographer and her inherent creative style she creates very unique and impactful art, which she calls ‘Paintographs.’ She took her first step into the art world, by doing a solo show at The Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2016.

She was also part of the prestigious The Art Enclave (an artists corner), in Index 2017, an Architectural exhibition held in NSE, Goregaon in Mumbai in June 2017 and group show of PAINTOGRAPHS (photographic art) at P. L. Deshpande Art Gallery, Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mumbai-September, 2016 (chief guest- Shri Prakash Bhende- artist & Marathi film director)

She will be doing some more shows in the future.




As the word would suggest, Paintograph is a uniquely blended version of a photograph and a painted image. Besides having invented the term and perfected the process, Priyal Thakkar takes credit for her novel concept of lending surrealistic effects to a photograph by selectively combining the real with the unreal. A gifted photographer and a painter, Priyal’s rare works of art, printed on fine art canvas, transport you to a mystical and magical world of subconscious imagery.