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Vinamr Raj

“To capture what others can’t see” is what I believe in while shooting through my lens. I am VinamrMukund raj, final year BMM student of Mumbai University. I’ve done 3 months photography course from National Institute of Photography which has made me a better photographer & helped me to understand this vast subject thoroughly.


I always try to shoot pictures which tell a story, that’s the reason why I like to shoot nature & abstract photographs as they have a very deep meaning & a story. Photography has been my passion since my childhood, I used to take pictures of various subjects which were not humans but nature. I’ve a Nikon DSLR D3200 which is the most basic DSLR in the market at present, I wish to acquire a better DSLR when I feel that I’ve clicked pictures which have given me a sense of satisfaction. It is always said “Only after 10,000 pictures, one will get a picture with which he/she gets complete satisfaction.”