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Jigisha Chevli

5 years of working in this field.I Love Art.Painting, Sketching and Teaching the same is my Hobby.My paintings adored the art galleries of Delhi, Goa ,Surat n mumbai..u can find my work at Surat's Railway station n ONGC bridge...
My Art work is a powerful interpretation of some of my deepest thoughts, hidden emotions and strongest desires.




Exhibition: 1.In 2013 Surat Science center
2.In 2015 Surat Science center
3.In 2016 Delhi AIFACS
4.In  2016Surat with JCI
5.In 2016Goa big foot Museum
6.In 2017 mumbai with kalaa spandan
7.In 2017 Surat at Canopus art gallery
8.In 2018 Surat at Taj gateway