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Renuka Sridhar


“I art-iculate with art when i know no other language to express myself”


The 3 P’s - PRACTISE, PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE - That’s what my art journey has been all about. Anyone can be an artist, provided he or she follows the 3 P’s. Though it doesn’t develop overnight, it can improve over a period of time if the artist has the Patience to Practise and the Perseverance to continue despite failures. So has it been with me. Art has been my passion since childhood. I remember drawing and painting on any surface that I could find - old record plates, broken marble pieces, fabrics, wooden boards, glass...just about anything.!! The passion still continues, but with no formal training in art it wasn’t an easy journey. But thanks to technology, I could learn how to paint from the comfort of my home.
With ample free time at my disposal, I could follow various YouTube tutorials that taught me how to paint various different subjects namely, landscapes, wildlife,  florals, Buddha, Persian Illumination art or Tezhip etc.
Taking a step ahead, it was time for me to give back what i knew, to the society, with two workshops conducted on TINGA-TINGA  & ONE-STROKE paintings for school children.
I have worked as an Art and Craft teacher in Arya Vidya Mandir, Juhu, Mumbai, India
I am eternally grateful and thankful to God for blessing me with this talent, all my YouTube and other online tutors, my parents, all my dear family members and friends for always being supportive and encouraging me to embark on this wonderful journey which will continue without a destination for years to come. Art is my solution to relax and is like meditation..!!!


Nov 2013:
-Special awards for my painting titled THE UGLY DUCKLING in INTERNATIONAL ART CONTEST, Facebook,
-1st position for the SUNSET CHALLENGE in SAA art group, Facebook,
Apr 2014:
special award for FLORAL painting challenge in HSM art contest, Facebook.
March 2015:
3rd position in STILL LIFE challenge in UNITED BY ART group, Facebook.
March 2016:
TOP 3 positions for my paintings titled KINGFISHER, PEEK-A-BOO & MOTHER'S LOVE in 'Painting the old way' in FINE ART AMERICA
3 HIGHLY COMMENDED certificates in Art challenges in UNITED BY ART & SAA art groups, Facebook
HIGHLY COMMENDED certificate of achievement in the FAMOUS ARTISTS COMPETITION for my reproduction of a copy-right free THOMAS KINKADE painting in the ARTISTS GALLERY AND SOCIAL SPACE GROUP, Facebook
April 2016:
Workshop conducted on Tinga-Tinga paintings, an East-African painting style, for the children of ASEEMA CHARITABLE TRUST, a school run by an NGO in Mumbai, India.
June 2016:
-Workshop conducted on ONE-STROKE painting for the children of ASEEMA CHARITABLE TRUST, a school run by an NGO in Mumbai, India.
-First Solo Exhibition titled RENUKA'S ARTRIP held at ASSOCIACAO MOCAMBICANA de FOTOGRAFIA, Maputo, Mozambique.
June 2017:
Second exhibition held by the prestigious AURA ART in the ART ENCLAVE @ INDEX FAIRS, Mumbai, India.
November 2018:
Third exhibition at the Kalaa Spandhan Art Fair in Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai