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Academic Qualification: Madhyamik 1986, Higher Secondary 1988, B.V.A. 1994-95 (Calcutta University), Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture) : 1996-97 from M.S. University, Baroda, Gujarat.



Exhibition in Jehangir Art Gallery: 2015, February 'Solo Sculpture Exhibition',  2006 Modern Sculpture Exhibition, 2001 Joint Show Exhibition at January.

Exhibition Participated: Aroma 3...Mumbai,12th-16th May 2013.*Green Mark Art Gallery...Delhi NCR. 17th-24th June 2013. *Summer Show at Green Mark Art Gallery... 21st-27th April 2013. *AIFACS...Year of 1998-99. *Small Format...All India Drawing Exhibition, Andhra Pradesh, Feb. 1999. *First All India Art Exhibition, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad-1998/99. *40th National Art Exhibition-1996 at Bangalore. * Annual Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta-1993/94. *Bombay Art Society...All India Art Exhibition-1996. * South Eastern Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur-Year 1995/96 and Year of 1996/97. * All India Mini Sculpture Exhibition at Bangalore-1997/98.

Exhibition Participation (State): West Bengal Govt. Annual Exhibition-1994. *Information Center, W.B.: Govt. Year of 1998/99. *Annual Exhibition of Govt. College of Art & Craft, Calcutta, Year 1992/93/94. *Gujarat Lalitkala Annual Exhibition at Ahmedabad....1996/97 , * Indian Art Festival at Mumbai 2014, 2015 & 2019.

Solo Joint Show: Chemould Art Gallery October 2014.* Hindustan Hotel-International Art Gallery. Kolkata.Bronze Sculpture 6th - 16th Aug.. 2013. * International Exhibition Display at Bogmallo Beach Resort, South Goa. - 15th - 30th May 2013. * India Art Festival, Mumbai, Dec. 2012. * Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata. Year of 2013 Feb. * Bronze Sculpture Show at Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata -Year : Aug. 2012. * Joint Show at Rottery Art Gallery, Surat, Gujarat 2002. * A Contemporary Art Gallery : Nazar at Baroda - 1997. * Joint Exhibition : Bhabnaga at Gujarat -1997. * Solo Modern Sculpture Exhibition at Fine Art Gallery, Baroda -1996. * Joint Show : Fine Arts Gallery, Baroda -1997.

Award & Certificate: AIFACS - Year of 1998. * GCAC - Year of 1994-95. * Small Format Drawing All India Exhibition at Andhrapradesh - Feb. 1999. * Certificate of Merits - GCAC. Year of 1993/94/95.

PROJECT:  COLLECTION AND WORKSHOP: Open a Modern Art Studio/Workshop "3s Studio" Inaugurated by A.D.M. (N.24 Pgs. Dist, Barasat), W.B. Govt. and Chairman Gobardanga Municipality : Year of Sept. 2012