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Persis Chhapkhanawalla

I have been painting since I was 3 years old. During my school days I gave my intermediate and elementary art exams and also did my ICSE with art as a subject. Studied in the prestigious JJ School of art, but had to drop out after one year for personal reasons. Since the past few years I have been painting primarily in oils on canvas.  I have just recently exhibited my work at the ‘Chatak 2015’ show organized by Nehru Centre. I am also exhibiting in the Aroma 9 exhibition in Sep 2015.

Living in a concrete jungle like Mumbai my heart yearns for nature. Fortunately for me, I live very close to the sea. Also, my society is surrounded by greenery which very rare in Mumbai. Hence, vast open skies, the beautiful trees and the mysterious ocean are constant subjects of my work. My deep love for solitude and silence and keen interest in exploring the world within are also expressed in my work.


I paint because of a deep inner compulsion to do so. It is similar to a psychic vomit. A desperate compulsion to throw out the inner self. I never have subjects in mind when I start working. Just colours.
I seek to create paintings that radiate that energy of joy and peace to the viewer which I experienced while creating them.