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Chaula Doshi

Chaula Doshi is an acclaimed artist, who has displayed her work at national and international platforms at various art galleries. She is someone who lives the feeling of Ohana with her work as a curator and her passion as a painter. Each color is specially mixed to create a special shade, texture which speaks about her inner core and love that resides within her. This manifests into creating a connection with the relationships she paints on her canvas. She loves to explore and experiment with different mediums and materials to create new art works. Some of her art shows revolve strongly around the tryst between emotions of relationships and its different faces.





Duo show: February, 2010, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Group show: September, 2012, Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Group show: September, 2012, Jalandhar, Punjab, India  
Group show: October, 2012, Delhi, India
Group show: November, 2012, Delhi, India
Group show: November, 2012, Mumbai, India
Group show: October, 2013, Barcelona, Spain
Group show: November 2013, London, United Kingdom
Group show: December 2013, Ahmedabad, India
Group show: December 2013, DIFF, Delhi, India
Solo show:  January 2014, Ahmedabad, India
Group show: February 2014, Ahmedabad , India
Group show:  March 2014, Calcutta, India
Solo sponsored show:  April 2014, Baroda, India
Group show:  May 2014, Kuwait, UAE
Group show:  June 2014, Mumbai, India
Group show: July 2014, Jahangir art gallery, Mumbai, India
Group sponsored show: July 2014, Mumbai, India
Group show: Oct 2014, Calcutta, India
Solo show: Jan 2015, Ahmedabad, India
Group show: Jan 2015, Mumbai, India
Group show: Feb 2015, Ahmedabad, India
Solo show: June 2015, cholamandal artist village, Chennai, India
Group show: june 2015, Kuwait
Solo show: September 2015, Delhi, India
Solo sponsored show: November 2015, Ahmedabad, India
Solo project at Ahmedabad art fair: December 2015, Ahmedabad , India
Group show: December 2015, Kuwait.
Solo show: January 2016 , Bombay , India
Solo show : October 2016, Ahmedabad, India
Solo Project: Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, January 2017
10 days workshop with metal scrape with a corporate company  : August, 2017, Ahmedabad,  Gujarat, India
An installation with 200 bulbs : October, 2017 , Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

An art installations with handmade paper flowers :  December , 2017, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

An art installation with wood and craft materials : January, 2018, At Sabarmati art festival, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Group show : March, 2018, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Group show: June, 2018, jehangir art gallery, Bombay, India
Jugalbandi of live painting and poems recitation : March , 2019 , Gujarat
Women’s achiever award : March, 2019, Gujarat