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Anil Nene

Anil Nene is an architect, artist and percussionist rolled into one. He is a multi-potential personality. After graduation from Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Bombay  in 1980, he is settled in Architectural practice, at Pune, India.


He got influenced by famous father-son artist pair Pratap Mulick and Milind Mulick during architectural perspectives. Under their able guidance, he started his stint with art in 2001. Since then he had been continuously sketching and painting in Watercolours and Acrylics. He has sold many paintings in solo/group exhibitions in Pune and online through paintings websites. His expressions in Art are enriched by the influence of his other occupations - Architecture and Percussion. He has found a connection between art, architecture, and music – percussion. His paintings adorn the walls of many Indians and his fans all over the world. His emphasis had always been the creation of extraordinary spatial experience from ordinary scenes.


He wants to spread joy and happiness through his art. His art comprises mainly of nature – landscapes, and flowers. He is in search of “SELF” through his expressions in Art, Architecture, and Music. He believes all art is divine where he is merely a channel of its expression.