Ravidarshan vyas

Qualification: DHMS. Homeopathic medical science.

Born in the family of The Royal physician in the state of Gondal.
After qualifying as a doctor of alternative medicine, continued his self taught art from childhood.
Looking after the business of Heritage Ayurvedic pharmacy established in 1904 and world renowned temple of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari,
he established Hrim creations, art gallery in Gondal featuring beautiful oil on canvas painting inspired by the work of realism style of old school of arts.

Big size paintings on Indian mythological stories are created in Indo - western style.

Since 2018 the gallery is open for visitors. On 2019 December a display was hosted at the Kriti Mandir palace in vadodara where their highnesses accompanied by other invited guests viewed the art which was also appreciated and admired by the public.