I am an independent artist working and living in Bihar, India.

Before setting out as an independent artist, I spent several years working in various areas of fashion and textiles.

Textiles and fashion are my first love. From early days at the top-notch design school NIFT, fashion and textiles have given direction to my creativity.


 '' My work and paintings are all about my learning along the path of life. As I often say, there is no teacher better than life.

I use my canvases to express what I have learnt from life. It’s an emotional documentation of the impact of situations and people on my growth and evolution.

The culture, colours and beauty of India are an eternal fountain of inspiration for me. Over the years I have worked with different textures, yarns and varied Indian craft techniques.

The arts and crafts of India have shaped my creative mind. I love the motifs and detailing used in zardozi embroidery.

I have travelled through different parts of India and have seen how girls and women in smaller towns and villages are still struggling.

I strongly relate to women’s issues. I believe that women have great emotional strength. I keenly connect with their lives.

I see a mirror of my own struggles in their journey. There is so much to learn from one another.

Lastly, I conclude, not only, as an artist, but also as a human being, it’s important to constantly work on our own self. Life is a precious gift, best we make good use of our time on the planet.’’