Neena Bidikar

Self thoughts Artist


Nature has always Intrigued me,. My early childhood memories are playing in the forests, tending to the beautiful garden, which had everything in it, flowering plants, fruits vegetables and other varieties. observing it at close quarters and drawing them was an immense pleasure.

My approach to each composition is to make it look more dramatic, intensifying the feel of the subject.


I love to work with the beautiful medium of Acrylics and seal it with oil glazes.

Right now I am working on small canvases, limiting my sizes that fits our homes, offices.


I participated in India Art Festival, and Times Now.


Post exhibitions was busy with family commitments and commission works.

I am now back with more Blooms work, and am looking forward to more such work. My quest for it has increased with each bloom that I work on,delicate, soft yet has so much strength and always brings cheer around it.


Commissons are a great way to own a painting specific to your needs. Large canvasses create more dramatic perspective especially to the Blooms.