Maya Hajirnis

Mrs. Maya Hajirnis is largely a self learned artist. She did her Art's Teacher Diploma (ATD) from JJ University affiliated college in Dhule, Maharashtra in 1982. She has been a restless homemaker who stepped in the field almost semi-professionally. She made innovative paintings and art works in places including Dhule and Mumbai before spending much of her art time in Indore till 2014. Now, in Hyderabad, she wants to step into the field professionally. She integrated many different art forms and came up with a unique way of making contemporary paintings combining nature and modern art. She also likes to swing through the delicacies of folk art and combining them with awe inspiring modern touches. With varied interests and command over clay pot making, origami, Rajasthani marble painting and acrylic paintings, she finally decided to switch the foot on canvas acrylic paintings.